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Moroto Ateker Cement plant in Uganda set to begin construction

The construction of the Moroto Ateker Cement plant in Uganda is set to begin soon according to Moroto Ateker Cement Company Ltd (MACCL), a Special Purpose vehicle set up to implement the project. Employees have reportedly been seen clearing land and erecting a fence around the site in preparation for the actual construction works.

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Upon completion, in about 18 months from the date of commencement of the construction works, the Ateker Cement plant will be integrated with the Karamoja Marble complex. The former will have a processing capacity of 1,250 tons of cement per day while the latter will have a processing capacity of 300 tons of lime per day and 11,000 square meters of marble per month.

Both plants will utilize 80% of local raw materials in the production process.

Expectations for the project

The project is expected to boost physical and social infrastructure development in Karamoja such as road network, power and water connectivity, health, education, housing, and recreational facilities as well as create job opportunities.

According to David Ekanya, a senior engineer at Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) which holds 45% shares in the Moroto Ateker Cement Company Ltd, approximately 600 local people will be directly employed in the plant’s operations.

Furthermore, the Ateker Cement plant is also expected to boost the housing and real estate sector in the region with the necessary infrastructure in place, coupled with the availability of locally manufactured cement.

Savannah Mines Ltd and Saboo Engineers PVT Ltd have 40% and 15% shareholding in Moroto Ateker Co. Ltd respectively.

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