Tirinyi roadworks in Uganda to be complete by 2020

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The Ugandan National Roads Authority (UNRA) officials have revealed that the undergoing reconstruction of Nakalama-Tirinyi-Mbale road shall be complete in May 2020.

Mr. Moris Ewama, the project manager of UNRA, said during the joint monitoring of ongoing works with officials from Public Procurement and Disposal of Public assets Authority (PPDA) that the contractor, Dott Services Limited, has so far completed about 30 out of the 99 kilometers of the entire road.

“Drainage systems have been improved and the road widened. Apparently the contractor is doing a great job on the project,” Mr. Ewama said, adding that UNRA is overseeing the works to ensure the contractor meets the set deadline.

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The great north road

The road duped “the great north road”, links the northeastern parts of Uganda, which comprise the sub-regions of Bugisu, Sebei and Karamoja to the southeastern and central parts of Uganda.

“The progress is so far recommendable and we are planning to complete the road within the stipulated time. Up to now it has taken us 10 months of the 25 months it should take us to deliver the road,” said Mr. Olonya

He also dismissed allegations that the company did not have the capacity to work on the road. “I would also like to dismiss allegations that Dott Services did not have the capacity to work on the road.  As a company, we have never had any problems in resources neither personnel nor equipment. We have all it takes to get any contract done,” he said.

“The project is up to par. The workmanship and the design of the road are good and it is my belief that the road will last for some time,” Mr. Turamye, Executive director of PPDA acknowledged.