Uganda: Bumbobi-Manafwa-Lwakhakha road project nears completion

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The ongoing implementation of the Bumbobi-Manafwa-Lwakhakha road project in Uganda nears completion with its construction works currently standing at 92 percent. This was revealed by Eng. Titus Aleper the project manager from the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA).

He affirmed that by September this year the works will be complete and the project handed over to begin operations by the start of the following month.

The Genesis of the Bumbobi-Manafwa-Lwakhakha road project

On 26, September 2016 the UNRA signed a contract with China State Construction Engineering Ltd, a Chinese construction company, for the upgrade of the 44.5 km Mbale–Lwakhakha road with the consultancy services of SGI JV.

The commencement order was issued in December the same year and the initial set duration for the project was 24 months, but UNRA approved EOT of 261 days which led to the extension of the completion date to September this year.

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Work done on the road

The road has been widened to a width of 10 m i.e. a carriageway made up of two lanes each measuring 3.5 m wide plus paved shoulders on either side of the road each measuring 1.5 m in the rural areas and 2.0 m wide in trading centers.

According to Eng. Aleper, an additional 3.5 m wide parking lane has been constructed in built-up areas and all existing culverts extended to a diameter of not less than 900 mm and proper concrete inlet/ outlet structures installed for easier maintenance.

He also revealed that the contractor is also going to tarmac about 5.8Km of roads in town councils along the road project and also install solar street lights in these centers.

Upon completion, the road is expected to boost trade at Lwakhakha border post and above all promote trade, tourism, and further integration in the East African countries.