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Uganda: Entebbe airport set for a US$400m expansion

The Government of Uganda is set to carry out a major expansion at Entebbe International airport by constructing a second terminal.

To be developed at an estimated cost of US$400m, the airport expansion project will be undertaken under a public private partnership (PPP) with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The project will include construction of a new cargo centre together with a shopping mall, more aircraft bays, a new runway, six more passenger check-in areas, aprons and relocation of oil tanks.

The airport expansion project will help the country’s agenda of increasing passenger numbers from 1.46m in 2013 to 10 million in 2033. At present, the airport is handling 21 airlines, six of which are local and the rest international. This number is also expected to increase once expansion works are complete. Construction works are expected to commence in 2017 under a 20-year master plan.

The improved air transport will also increase tourism in the country, which has been on the rise for the past 10 years.

A number of other African countries are also undertaking airport expansion projects, including the US$800 million expansion of Jomo Kenyatta Airport, and a planned upgrade of Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere International Airport which is to lick up US$$200 million.


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