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Uganda upgrades power lines in readiness for Karuma hydropower station

The government of Uganda through Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) has launched an upgrade exercise for three power transmission lines in readiness for the start of operations of the currently under construction Karuma hydropower station.

The transmission lines, in particular, are the 264 kilometers 400 kV Karuma-Kawanda power line that will link a high voltage substation in the power station, to another high voltage substation at Kawanda, in the Central Region of the East African country.

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The other two lines are the 60 kilometers 400 kV Karuma-Olwiyo power line that will connect Karuma Power Station to a substation in Olwiyo, Nwoya District, and the 80 kilometers 132 kV Karuma-Lira power line that will link Karuma power station to Lira.

The construction stage of the Karuma hydropower station

The Karuma hydropower station, located in the Kiryandongo district in the north-western region of Uganda is reportedly in the final stages of construction with approximately 98% of the entire work complete, thanks to Sinohydro Corporation Limited, a Chinese state-owned hydropower engineering, and construction company that is carrying out the project.

Equipped with six 100 MW Francis turbines, the Karuma hydropower station is expected to have a capacity of about 600 MW upon completion.

Stable, reliable, and affordable electricity in Uganda

The electricity generated by the Kurama hydropower plant will guarantee stable, reliable, and affordable electricity in Uganda according to Stephen Kyeganwa Mukasa, UEGCL’s Head of Monitoring and Evaluation.

With the commissioning of the Karuma power plant, the East African country will reach a capacity of 1500 MW. Currently, Ugandans consume approximately 600 MW at peak hours.

The government has also revealed that once the plant is commissioned and fully utilized, the weighted generation tariff will reduce from the current US Cents 6.47/kWh to US Cents 5.34/kWh, indicating a 17.65% decrease.


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