Urban road upgrading project kicks off in Rwanda

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Rwanda’s urban road upgrading project has commenced in the Kigali and is being undertaken by China Road and Bridge Cooperation (CRBC) and expected to improve the overall traffic situation in Kigali.

The road upgrading project is expected to be 54.56 kilometers where the investment is being done by China Export-Import Bank in form of preferential loan.

This initiative will efficiently enhance the road traffic capacity in the urban areas of Kigali and enable the local residents to travel effectively; it will also promote the development of tourism and eventually enhance the development of the local economy.

Kigali’s City Engineer Nkurunziza Alphonse confirmed the news and said that the project will improve traffic and other conditions of the city’s central business district, employment, public transport among other things.

“This road upgrade will improve the conditions of Kigali, develop public transport, enhance the employment of the citizens and eventually boost the economy of the country,” Engineer Nkurunziza said.

Chinese ambassador to Rwanda Rao Hongwei together with Pascal, Alphonse, Director General of Rwanda Transport Development Agency Guy M. Kalisa and other Rwandan officials jointly visited the project where CRBC confirmed that it has taken measures that will ensure that the project will be finished on time and with good quality.

China Road and Bridge Cooperation has done a project in Rwanda which is now 43 years old, the company’s first project was Kigali-Rusumo road of 160 kilometers long and is still in good condition and has maintained the reputation of “African Model Road”.

CRBC was awarded Engineering Quality Award by the city in March for another urban road upgrading project of Kigali, which also presented the company Distinguished Contribution to the Beautification of Kigali City in 2010.