Tsh 2.7bn for Construction of Itona Secondary School Girls Dormitory in Tanzania

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The government of Japan has committed to providing Tsh 2.7bn in form of a grand for the construction of Itona Secondary School girls dormitory in Tanzanias Mufindi District, Iringa Region.

Speaking at the signing of the grant agreement at the Japan Embassy in Dar es Salaam during this year’s International Women’s Day, Mufindi District Executive Director Zaina Mlawa said that the dormitory would help to solve various challenges for girls who walk more than 10 kilometers from their homes to schools.

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Mlawa explained that the district would collaborate with the necessary authorities to ensure that that the Itona Secondary School girls dormitory project is completed on schedule and with the highest quality to assist students in studying in a secure and conducive environment for academic success and to address gender-based violence on females at Itona Secondary School.

Part of the funds to be used to improve Covid-19 preparation in refugee camps

Part of the Tsh 2.7bn grant will be utilized in a project to strengthen preventative and community-based health care services in refugee camps in Kigoma Region to safeguard Burundian and Congolese refugees and other asylum seekers from the COVID-19 pandemic negative health effect. Participation of the Community in the Prevention of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) is an important component of this initiative.

Zaytun Swai, a Special-Seats Member of Parliament, urged grant recipients that the monies must be used efficiently in order to attract more development partners to Tanzania. She added that the two projects must be completed quickly and effectively. They may be able to get other development partners to invest in the country and boost the education industry. She also expressed gratitude to the Japanese Embassy for assisting in the implementation of projects in Arusha and asked the embassy to continue collaborating with the government for the country’s growth.