US $79.8M contract awarded for the new Federal Courthouse in Huntsville

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The Birmingham-based construction company, Brasfield & Gorrie was selected by the U.S. General Services Administration(GSA) to build the new Federal Courthouse in Huntsville. The company was awarded a federal contract worth $79.8 million and they intend to begin construction by spring 2022, with the expected completion time set for two and a half years.

This new Federal Courthouse in Huntsville is intended to replace the existing, worn out Huntsville courthouse building, which was built in 1936 and entire cost of the project, including land purchase, design and construction is estimated at $95M.

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This development will take place on a 5-acre property at the corner of Gallatin Street and Lowe Avenue, which was purchased by The City of Huntsville about 8 years ago. According to the design plans, the new Federal Courthouse in Huntsville will be a three-story building occupying up to 123,000-square-feet of space. It will contain five courtrooms and six judges’ chambers, and it will also become the new home to the U.S. District.

In addition, the Federal Courthouse in Huntsville will house several federal agencies, such as the U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The building will also incorporate modern security and technological features necessary for a contemporary federal courthouse. The outdoor design features a large formal public lawn with symmetrical landscaping that will provide a  spacious environment, with gracious views.

The development team working on this Federal Courthouse in Huntsville include: Steve White from Fentress Architects in Washington, as the project’s lead designer; Lee Sims from Studio Scarab Architecture Interiors Planning in Montgomery, serving as the courthouse designer, and Payne Design Group Architects of Montgomery handling the architectural services.

Kevin Kerns, the acting Regional Administrator for GSA’s Southeast Sunbelt Region, talked about  the support they had received from the City of Huntsville and how they had collaborated closely throughout the process. He also expressed his gratitude for their partnership.

Kerns said, “Our goal with this project is to provide a safe and secure work environment that meets the 21st century needs of the federal judiciary.”