US$4.6 million contract for road works on Kansas Road approved, Indiana

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The Vanderburgh County Commission in Indiana recently authorized a US$4.6 million contract for road works on Kansas Road, north of Evansville, which will be improved as part of the project. The contract with Evansville-based JBI Construction is slated to begin immediately between Cayes Drive and Petersburg Road, improving traffic and pedestrian safety. The route’s bends will be straightened out, and new sidewalks will run the length of it, making evening strolls considerably safer. There will also be additional parking areas near the route’s western terminus for cemeteries and churches.

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According to County Engineer John Stoll, about 60 homes would be impacted by the project. Two church congregations and two cemetery boards, according to Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave, were instrumental in the creation of road upgrades. The Burkhardt Tax Increment Finance District provided funding for the project. American Structurepoint began engineering in August of 2017, and work is anticipated to be finished by December of 2022. “When the road is reconstructed, it will be either two or three lanes wide, with a center turn lane in some places.” There will also be some walkways through there. So, after everything is said and done, we’ll have a better road for all of the folks in that area of the county,” said John Stoll, the Vanderburgh County Engineer.

“It was difficult to reach an agreement, but everyone got together at the end, and we’re very proud of everyone for that accord — and I want to tell everyone that nobody in the cemetery is harmed.” “That was a major source of concern for us,” said Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave. It’s taken a long time, but people are eager to see the finished product. Stoll stated that this is only one of many future initiatives planned for Vanderburgh County in order to increase safety for all vehicles and pedestrians.