US$58.9bn set aside for national water plan in Morocco

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The national water plan (PNE) will cost a sum of US$58.9 billion, the minister of water and sanitation madam Charafat Afilal has this week Tuesday said. Speaking at a forum dubbed MAP, Afilal has added that 41% of the total amount will be channeled towards managing the water demands in the country.

A further 9% of the remaining sum will be allocated to addressing adequate measures of preventing floods in the region, estimated to be facing around 400 sites and which are normally threatened by floods during the rainy seasons in morocco.

The minister added that a 7% of the money will be used for water desalination purposes, which are the alternative source of water in the Morocco’s National Water Plan. She said that the financial resources for the project will come from the public and private sources.

Morocco has been experiencing a drastic water shortage mostly in the summer periods; the rains usually fall during the winter months, but quickly drain off due to poor water storage managements strategies.

The location will see the county provide clean drinking water for its citizens, which has since been a scarce to get. The water project will also see developments of irrigation schemes in the country. Irrigation in the country has proved difficult since the water levels are far dip to be pumped at a high of almost 1 kilometer.

It is yet to be mentioned when the projects kick start after the ministry hearing of the collective opinion of both the public and private source so as to have a clear strategy of implementing the plan.