Carsins Run at Eva Mar begins construction of $100 million Harford County retirement community

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Carsins Run at Eva Mar has commenced the construction of the continuing care retirement community in Harford County.  The $100 million Harford County retirement community project has been in planning since 2014.

The retirement community, which sits on 47 acres and located off Route 543 in Bel Air has been preleasing independent living units since 2016. Carsins Run at Eva Mar, which offers Christian-based retirement community living and health care broke ground on its first home on Oct. 21 during a ceremony attended by both charter members and local leaders.

Delays caused by COVID-19

In a statement, Carsins Run CEO Sue Shea said they are happy to finally see the Harford County retirement community project take off noting that its construction had been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  “We are very excited. We’ve had a long road, a long journey,” said Sue Shea, Carsins Run CEO. “Covid put us back for about five months.”

The project, which is being developed by Towson-based Presbyterian Home of Maryland has undergone several changes and modifications from the original since it was conceived. The latest design will include 137 independent living units. The original plan had proposed 177 units. The reduction, according to Shea, was to add more manor homes, instead of traditional apartment buildings to the project.

The growing trend of manor homes in retirement communities

Many retirement communities are adopting the concept of manor homes as they give seniors a condo feel rather than an apartment building. Manors homes will mainly be in the corners so as to all maximum use of light. Other features in the homes will include a common room, an open floor plan, porches, elevators, and garages.

Work on the project will start will the construction of manor homes while construction of an independent living clubhouse and apartment buildings is scheduled to start in November 2021. Other projects expected to start in November include the construction of 12 memory care units, 32 assisted living units, and 12 skilled nursing units.