Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) expansion project on track despite COVID-19 pandemic scare

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The $22 million Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) expansion project which was launched last summer is on track. In a statement, Yona Wade the CCS Director of Community Affairs said the project is making good process despite being launched in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Wade, the project’s funding was not affected by the pandemic although they encountered logistical challenges due to the closure of boundaries. According to Wade, although the absence of students on campus has affected the comedic calendar, the same has been a blessing in disguise as it has allowed the project to proceed without interruption.

“Not having students on campus has helped with the construction. We’ve been able to move forward and continue to move forward without having to impact student schedules or having student schedules impact the construction schedule because of us having to work around testing and being aware of noise,” said Wade.

The scoop of work on the expansion project

Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) expansion project will involve the construction of two additional buildings as well as other additions on to the ground. Major areas of construction will be additional parking near the gate entrance, the North building, and the South building. The old Gathering Place will be demolished to create space for the projects.

The Gathering Place was regarded as one of the coolest places on campus and its demolished won’t be received well by many. According to CCS Superintendent Michael Murray, the Gathering Place had much of the school’s culture wrapped up in it.

According to Wade, with the projected expected to take a couple of years, the final design may be adjusted so as to better utilize the available space. Although there is a general plan for the entire project, each building has its own design to meet the various needs of the school. The North building will be used by the Central office and CCS’s Pathseekers program.