Commercial and residential property to be developed at Geauga Lake District, Ohio

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The Geauga Lake District a commercial and residential property is set to be developed at a 377-acre piece of land that was previously home to Sea World and Geauga Lake amusement park. Industrial Commercial Properties recently purchased the land and intends to transform it into homes, retail space, and restaurants. The property was initially owned by Cedar Fair and was acquired for an undisclosed amount.

In addition to constructing structures at the site, the developer also intends to maintain some features that will preserve the historical significance of the place. Many Northeast Ohioans have fond memories of Geauga Lake, which was closed down after being around for over a century.

Dubbed “The Geauga Lake District”, the new development will include elements that signify the historical importance of the place. This is according to details offered by Industrial Commercial Properties Chief Operating Officer Chris Salata.

According to Salata, 300 housing units will also be constructed as part of the project in addition to the restaurant, office, and retail space. He said some homes are expected to be completed by early 2022. The property will be located in Bainbridge Township and Aurora. Aurora Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin acknowledged the development saying the location is strategic and beautiful.

The commercial and residential property master plan also involves the development of supporting infrastructure like uniform landscaping and installation of lighting and improvement of roads. In addition, as part of the master plan, the developer will also build a new Geauga Lake Boulevard to be a link between Ohio Route 43 to Depot Road.

The developer will highlight the 50-acre lake and also develop around 120 acres of green space to be used by the public. The public space will include a biking and walking trail. With plans to develop the area already in progress, the developer has already secured one tenant. According to a news release, the Menards hardware store has booked up to 22 acres and intends to open in early 2022.