Construction of Darling Marine Center (DMC) making progress

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The construction of Darling Marine Center, a waterfront infrastructure improvement project that started early this year is making impressive progress. Recently, the University of Maine President Joan Ferrini-Mundy led a government delegation among them U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Dana Gartzke on an inspection tour of the project.

The project seeks to renovate its oldest seawater laboratory, upgrade the center’s flowing seawater system, and replace its 50-year-old main pier. The project has been funded by a multi-agency team including the U.S. Economic Development Administration and UMaine and state marine bond funds. The recent tour was led and guided by DMC Laboratory Manager Timothy Miller and DMC Director Heather Leslie and sought to access the progress of the project.

In a comment on the project, Ferrini-Mundy said then progress is impressive despite all the challenges that COVID-19 has brought. Amid all the challenges people are facing right now, we’re grateful for the support of the state and federal government to undertake this project,” he said. He added that the improved Darling Marine Center will be placed to serve the people of Maine in conjunction with the University of Maine.

Researchers at Darling Marine Center are working with the state’s marine fisheries and aquaculture sectors to grow, adapt, and appropriately respond to challenges brought by the changing environments. Students and scientists at Darling Marine Center work with marine industry professionals through applied research to develop new value-added marine products that are later unveiled to the commercial market.

In addition, Darling Marine Center in partnership with industry professionals offers training and experience to university students in a bid to mold them into the next generation of marine science professionals.

The Penobscot Company and Prock Marine which are both based in midcoast Maine were given the contract to develop the project. The two companies have brought local electricians and other players on board to help execute the complex project.