Construction of Huntsville Amphitheater begins in Alabama

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Construction of the new 8000 seat Huntsville Amphitheater and Huntersville park is taking place at MidCity, North Huntsville. The city has put plans in place for the development of a $20 million amphitheater & urban park on a 17-acre plot adjacent to the new Johnson Legacy Center.  

Huntsville City Council, recently contracted the Huntsville-based Bostick Landscape Architects to begin the development of the urban park next to the recently-opened Johnson Legacy Center, while the construction of the Amphitheater is being handled by Robins & Morton, a general contractor.

Upon completion, the urban park will provide a 17 acre complex for residents to enjoy and have outdoor experiences in the area which could include pavilions, children’s playgrounds areas for group events, farmer’s market space and a dedicated area for food trucks.

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The Huntsville Mayor, Tommy Battle said, “This added green space development will truly anchor all we have hoped for when it comes to the Johnson Legacy Center. We want this space to be seen by all as a vital community center. The end result could make this a neighborhood where residents will want to live, play, raise their families and build their homes.”

Completion of the 8,000-seater Amphitheater facility is intended to bring more than just large musical concerts to Rocket City, the facility will also serve as a meeting point for people in the area, and its scheduled date of completion is in April 2022.

Devyn Keith, the district 1 city councilman, mentioned that the amphitheater would operate just as any other concert venue but isn’t likely to have any late night shows due to the type of community residing in the area. He also explained that besides the Amphitheater, there would be more homes built on this site as well, to attract more residents to the area.

Keith said, “Our ability to play catch up at this moment is a blessing to every elected official for this side of the community because without a doubt, you should be proud of where you live, not reluctant.”

One of Huntsville’s community leaders, Dexter Strong also expressed his pleasure of the new venture and said he was happy to see the project taking shape and materializing into rooftops and diverse retail experiences.

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