Construction of new I-64 interchange to begin

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Construction is set to begin on a diverging diamond interchange on U.S. 250 under I-64 interchange at exit 124. The project is set to start in December. The Pantops Community Advisory Committee recently held a virtual meeting in which the project team discussed the construction timeline. During the meeting, the team also answered questions from community members. The team projected that the project will be complete by May 2022.

Concerns raised from the public hearing

During the virtual meeting on the new I-64 interchange, many of the questions raised from the public involved access Hansens Mountain Road considering drivers will no longer be able to turn left across U.S. 250 toward I-64. A diverging diamond will get rid of the traditional left turns that bypass oncoming traffic and directs vehicles to opposite sides of the road.

The Virginia Department of Transportation opted to build diverging diamonds as they are known to reduce the number of collision spots. In addition, they can handle more traffic than conventional interchange.

Construction of I-64 interchange is expected to cost $18.4 million and is one of six projects that are being constructed in Albemarle County. The projects were combined into one contract. Curtis Contracting won the contract to work on all six projects at a cost of $28.5 million.

Traffic will be diverted but will minimal interruptions

According to Steve Ordung, a project manager with Curtis Contracting, traffic will slightly be diverted but they will seek to maintain the same traffic patterns at the intersection during the construction period. During the first lane of construction, one lane will be closed to allow construction on the U.S. 250 median. This phase is expected to start in December until February.

The second and third phases are expected to start in March and go on up to October. During this period, left turns from Hansens Mountain Road and heading to U.S. 250 will be affected and drivers will turn at Peter Jefferson Parkway.