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Construction on Nebraska Fremont Southeast Beltway begins

Construction of the Nebraska Fremont Southeast Beltway has begun. The US$ 62 million project involves building a four-lane split highway on the south side of Fremont, Dodge County. The bridges will be built on the Union Pacific Railroad / Old Highway 275, the BNSF Railway, and the US77 / US275 junction. The highway will add local road links at Downing Street, Broad Street, Old Highway 275, and Old Highway 8 include intersections of roundabouts at the Broad Street, Downing Street, and the intersection of the US275 ramp terminals.

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Work on the bridge over Highway 275 began last year with the installation of more than 1.6-kilometer piles to support the substructure. This job was built primarily in cold weather, using standard cold-weather insulated formwork, concrete, hot water and temperature monitoring. Broad Street will now be connected to the new Highway 77 bypass via a two-lane roundabout at the approximate location of Main Street. Downing Street is also a main corridor connected to the new bypass by a two-lane roundabout. The new Highway 77 bypass will cross Old Highway 275 with an access road back and lanes back to Old 275 from the north.

“The Fremont Southeast Beltway is a desired project for the local community as traffic has increased due to the growth and increased economic opportunity along this corridor. Construction was made possible through additional community funding to further expand the economic opportunities in the area Promote the region … This project will provide more mobility in the region and prevent heavy truck traffic from having to drive through Fremont, which increases safety in the area, “said an NDOT spokeswoman, Jeni Campana.” Since it If it is a bypass, the current work will concentrate on a new route. This means that the work will be completed on the entire route including paving, roundabout and bridge construction as well as sewerage. There have been no major problems or complications so far and the work is proceeding according to plan Ahead.” She added.


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