Hunt Realty releases plan for mixed-use development in Uptown Dallas

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Hunt Realty has released a plan for a mixed-use development in Uptown Dallas. The development will include among other things multiple skyscrapers, up to 3.75 million square feet of commercial and residential space, and a large park.

The project will be developed on an 11-acre piece of land between N. Field and N. Houston streets on a currently occupied by Northend Apartments also owned by Hunt Realty. Hunt Realty President Colin Fitzgibbons said although it may be a while before construction begins, they are getting prepared to clear the site.

Kohn Pederson Fox Associates selected to design the project

“Our stated goal is to create a green heart to Uptown,” Fitzgibbons said. “What we have essentially planned the project around is a 1.5-acre park.”  Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, a New York-based architecture firm has been hired to design the mixed-use development. The architect was selected after a nationwide competition as the developer tried to come up with a plan that is in line with the quality of the location, the quality of the city as well as that of the Uptown market.

According to Fitzgibbons, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes that require more outdoor gathering space. He said this is why the company has invested heavily in outdoor space and green space.

An urban arboretum

Fitzgibbons said the project plan and design is a step towards the creation of an urban arboretum. He said the plan has space for pure open space with lawn with trees to offer shade and walk-through. The towers will be constructed on the west and north sides of the site at one of the current high-rises at Victory Park.

Cumulatively, all the buildings planned for the development will add between 3.5 million to 3.75 million square feet of space. It will take around 15 to 20 years to develop the entire project and it will be divided into several phases.