Kingwood Solar farm faces notice of intervention by Greene County, Ohio

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The Greene County Commission has filed a notice of intervention for the construction of the Kingwood Solar Project in Ohio. Vesper Energy plans to install 410,000 photovoltaic solar panels on 1,200 acres, along with a distribution yard, substation, and other infrastructure damaging the value of their land, while the owners who hired out their land argue it will help their farms. The farm has been estimated to cost between US$144 million and US$171 million. It will be located along Wilberforce-Clifton Road and Clifton Road.

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The Ohio Power Site Board will make the final decision on the solar project. The county has a voice when it comes to considering the Pay Instead of Tax (PILOT) program. however, over the life of the project, the county would do so instead of taxing the facility, which would also result in yearly payments, but which would decrease over time as the facility’s equipment ages.

Commissioner Dick Gould said he was not against solar energy but did not like that this project was planned as close to natural resources as Glen Helen and John Bryan State Park and in a densely populated area. The population of this area of ​​the county has grown significantly over the past decade and he believed that the placement of solar panels would invade many people’s homes. Commissioner Tom Koogler said he was against the project and believed that the Ohio Kingwood Solar project was driven by profit rather than community. He said he felt the project was being “crushed by the community.” Commissioner Rick Perales said the two most important things commissioners need to do is understand what they have authority over and ensure that the correct information about the project reaches the community. the project.