LS Power builds world’s largest active battery storage system, California

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LS Power has become the titleholder for the world’s largest active battery storage despite it being a title that changes very frequently and was previously held by Tesla-supplied Hornsdale plant (150 megawatts/193.5 megawatt-hours). After the completion of the 250-MW Gateway project, LS Power’s Gateway project was dubbed the world’s largest active battery storage site however it currently sits at 230 MW of operations capacity, with the last 20 MW set to come by the end of August 2020. Following the completion of the Gateway project, LS Power will be keeping the large-scale storage train rolling in the months and years to come. LS Power currently has plans in the works for the 200 MW Diablo Energy Storage facility in Pittsburg, California, the 125-MW LeConte Energy Storage facility in Calexico, California, and the massive 316-MW Ravenswood Energy Storage project being developed in Queens, New York.

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All of these facilities will come out near the top of the global leaderboard for the largest energy storage projects upon their completion. Currently, California has a heatwave, and, combined with the cutting down of power plant capacities the state has been doing recently, it has become more and more difficult to supply power for air-conditioning but the completion of this project has brought hope for more supply.

“For more than three decades, LS Power has been at the leading edge of our nation’s transition to cleaner, more innovative energy solutions, and we are powering up Gateway Energy Storage as one more component of this vision,” said LS Power CEO Paul Segal. “Through our investments in multiple sectors of the renewables and energy infrastructure space, LS Power is reducing carbon emissions and improving reliability in the markets we serve.” Through its portfolio of energy infrastructure projects and companies across the US – including battery storage, power generation, electric transmission, and companies like CPower Energy Management and EVgo – LS Power provides thousands of jobs and tax revenues to support local economies.