New Hellas Construction Headquarters coming up in Cedar Park, Texas

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Hellas Construction has begun constructing a new headquarters in Cedar Park. The new building is located just 10 minutes north of the company’s location which it has used since 2003. Hellas Construction is a leading contractor of many district schools.

The current location, which is located off U.S. Highway 183 and next to McNeil Drive is very small given the fact that the company is growing its footprint.  The company Chief Operating Officer Frank Petrini said the new building will offer more space to offset the company’s growing operations.

Construction of the $12.5 million new headquarters started early this year and is expected to be complete by early 2021. The 35,500-square-foot building is expected to host the company’s corporate offices.

American Contractors, based in Cedar Park have been awarded the contract to build the new headquarters which were designed by Haddon and Cowan Architects. According to Petrini, the company tried to get a location in Austin proper but did not manage. In addition, the current location was selected thanks to the fact that many of the company’s employees stay in the suburbs north of Austin.

Several companies moving to the suburbs

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of companies moving to the suburb as they search for more affordable real estate.

Western Industries Corp, which initially had its headquarters in Austin, relocated to Hutto’s Innovation Business Park. East/West Manufacturing Enterprises recently secured an incentive agreement with Round Rock City Council to construct a new office block in the northern suburb.

Hellas Construction is a specialist in the construction of stadiums and sports facilities including field installation and track resurfacing for local schools in the Round Rock and Lake Travis school districts. The construction company has offices around the U.S including in Las Vegas, Miami, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.