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North Central West Virginia Airport new terminal project

North Central, West Virginia Airport is considering airport expansion with a new terminal project. An economic impact study completed in 2019 found the airport would have an aggregate annual economic impact of US$1.1 billion if it were a single employer The first concrete steps towards the construction of a new terminal building for the airport were taken on June 25th at a groundbreaking ceremony with Governor Jim Justice, members of the Benedum Airport Authority. and other local officials.

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The opening event was intended to mark the start of the project that will lead to the launch of this project, which airport managers and stakeholders are referring to as the “Move the Mountain” project. The project is based on a hill of approximately 3 million square feet of land that needs to be leveled to create developable space for the terminal, a taxiway and parking lot right next to W.Va. 279, and 50 acres with direct taxiway access for commercial and commercial use industrial use. As the airport’s gateway to West Virginia, Justice announced a US$10 million grant from the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council and a US$10 million loan from the West Virginia Economic Development Authority.

“At the end of the day, I hope and pray that the US$20 million is a drop in the ocean. Because there is so much potential, it’s off the charts. This airport, with the potential for growth in this area right here, can absolutely be the engine that drives this like it’s nobody’s business, but to us it was a mountain because it looks like it needed a mountain to move, to get to where we are today. So when we say ‘Move the Mountain’ it’s because it’s a great project that has a lot of people involved in making this possible, ”said State Sen. Mike Romano, DHarrison.

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