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Utico Plans to Develop Desalination Plant in Ghubra, Oman

The UAE-based, water management solutions company, Utico has officially begun plans to develop a desalination plant in Ghubra within the Muscat Governorate of Oman, after it signed a Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) with the Oman Water & Wastewater Services Company. 

As a part of the terms of the agreement or rather the contract, Utico will deploy innovative, sustainable, and strategic production practices in the development of the desalination plant in Ghubra. The company is also expected to develop the plant in an environmentally friendly mode with the use of green electricity.

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Through a statement, Utico stated that the project once completed would be able to supply a well of 20,000 M3/d of potable water to the Oman Water & Wastewater Services Company, and at one of the lowest water tariffs that the country has ever seen. 

Utico to contribute to sustainability through the desalination plant in Ghubra

The CEO of Utico Global, Hussain Allawati, stated that winning the project’s contract is an important milestone for Utico and a showcase of the company’s ability towards being able to achieve sustainable returns for its shareholders. 

Utico also revealed that it would be aligning with the government of Oman’s long-term strategy by fully supporting Oman’s 2040 vision through investments into a wide spectrum of a diversified base of projects; with the desalination plant in Ghubra being one of them.

Through a statement, Utico revealed and confirmed that it aims to add immense value to the water sector in Oman in a sustainable manner. Without a doubt, the company has been able to not only constantly but also consistently prove its ability to innovate and maintain its unique business model despite various global economic fluctuations. The company has always been able to support and enable its partners as well as; customers in adopting and expanding sustainability practices well across the region. 


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