VIC Metro Tunnel in Australia achieves key milestone

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A key milestone achievement has been marked in the ongoing construction of the VIC Metro Tunnel in Victoria, Australia. Thus far, the project has completed the installation of doors at the future Parkville station. Furthermore, installation is well underway for the Anzac and Arden stations.

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In total, 60 doors will be fitted at each station. Moreover, an installation of 300 doors will be done across the five new underground stations that the project is building. They will stretch from Flinders Street Station to the MCG. For the rest of the VIC Metro Tunnel Project, development work continues to progress successfully.

Significance of the new tech doors for the VIC Metro Tunnel in Australia

Similar to those in Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and London, the newly installed doors are said to be a hallmark of world-class metro rail systems. The doors will improve passenger safety by preventing objects and people from falling in the path of oncoming trains. This is because they will open and close in tandem with the Metro Trains. Additionally, the doors will efficiently stop trespassers from entering the tunnels.

Through a series of rigorous trials over several years, the VIC Metro Tunnel’s brand-new technology has been tested in a virtual development. Additionally, the technology has also undergone testing at a test platform at the Pakenham East train depot.

Other ongoing works

In addition to the installation of sliding doors at the various stations, the project’s crews are also working on separating the Frankston Line from the Cranbourne/Pakenham Line at the Caulfield Station. The track upgrades will enable trains to run every 2 to 3 minutes when the Metro Tunnel opens in 2025.

While commenting on VIC Metro Tunnel in Australia, the Victorian acting Premier and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure said that upon completion, it will create capacity for over half a million additional passengers per week. Additionally, Jacinta Allan noted that the project plans to run test trains before the project opens to passengers.