Victoria Park Canning Level Crossing Removal (VPCLXR) Project in Australia

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The Victoria Park Canning Level Crossing Removal (VPCLXR) Project in Australia has officially set in place its monumental, development structures. To be precise, the first of 530 precast beams of the approximately four kilometers rail overhead project have been poured, on-site.

Each installed beam’s composition feature well about eight truckloads of concrete. Moreover, each beam also includes 13 tonnes of steel. Standing 2.2 meters high, the beams weigh 130 tonnes and are 30 meters long.

The L-shaped beams are one of several components that will be a part of the entire rail stretch. Additionally, the L-beams will also form the new rail-over-road viaducts that will be seen across the METRONET. 

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Funding for the VPCLXR project and associated works 

The State and Federal Governments have both committed a total of $87.5 million to the VPCLXR Project. As a result of the funding, the project will further work on the removal of six-level crossings.

Furthermore, the funding will include the construction of a dedicated city-bound bus lane along Shepperton Road. Additionally, the funding will include the delivery of a specialized intelligent transport system infrastructure that features variable message signs as well as CCTV surveillance.

Moreover, the project will also construct five brands and new elevated stations. 100% of the water, the Transport Minister, revealed, used for cleaning the beams goes through a recycling process. In an effort to conserve the environment, no concrete waste is left on site. 

Remaks on the project

While commenting on the project, WA Transport Minister explained that the beams are pivotal in the transformation of the Armadale Line.

Rita Saffioti further added that the project will also elevate the rail network within the area. As a result, the region will observe the opening of new public spaces that will serve the community in various ways.