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Western Cape’s Residence occupy Penhill Human Settlements Project

The Catalytic Welmoed Estate Development, or Western Cape’s Penhill Project, is on track to build an estimated 8 000 residential options in two phases. The first group of 16 farmland inhabitants were transferred from an informal settlement on a part of the property to the newly built 292 Temporary Residential Units (TRA).

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Throughout the week, more people are scheduled to move into their new houses. These TRAs, which have their own power and share water standpipes and ablution facilities, are placed on a particular section of the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements’ (WCDoHS) 200-hectare site. The TRA is the project’s initial phase, after which civil works and permanent housing will be constructed.

The R762 million Western Cape’s Penhill Project will contain a mix of low-cost and subsidised housing options and a number of community facilities and commercial services.

Minister Tertuis Simmers stated in a statement that attaining this milestone is critical in establishing better and safer living circumstances for the families who will be moving into these TRAs. He also encouraged locals to take advantage of the TRA programme so that it could be completed as soon as possible. As a consequence, more individuals will be able to live with dignity.

In addition to the housing project, an access bridge is being built. This is done to guarantee that both automobiles and pedestrians may safely access and navigate the property’s inner roadways.

According to the minister, the Bannerman Bridge project is well underway and nearing completion. It will connect the town to the economic centre and the industrial sector and make it simpler to commute to work, get to school, and travel to the transportation hub.

The Western Cape government is also dedicated to speeding human settlement delivery while promoting social inclusion via the construction of integrated, resilient, safe, and sustainable human settlements in a society of equal opportunity.

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