Work on Twifo Praso Bridge and roads progressing steadily

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The construction works on the Twifo Praso bridge and road projects in the Twifo Atti Mokwa District of the Central Region are progressing steadily. China Railway Number Five Company Limited is carrying out the project, which should be finished by March next year. 

Construction on the bridge, which would connect Twifo-Praso with other communities and districts, is anticipated to be finished by the end of December.  The GH 39,954,066.09 project was a component of the government’s commitment to enhancing the nation’s trunk road infrastructure. 

It would take the place of the current, frequently maintained, one-way directional rail/road steel bridge designed for vehicular traffic. 

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Remarks on the Twifo Praso Bridge and roads projects

The bridge is more than 90% finished, according to the resident engineer for the Ghana Highway Authority, Tahiru. He explained that a cemetery’s position along the road caused the construction of the 1.6 km approach road to stall at one point. 

Furthermore, he said the contractor for the Twifo Praso bridge and roads was scheduled to move the cemetery within the next week. In order to ensure that work on the approach roads could restart. He also added that this would allow the contractor to continue his job and ensure early completion. 

He explained, “We anticipate the contractor to finish the project on schedule. As work on the 1.6-kilometer approach road connecting the bridge is on track. The old, narrow width of the bridge made it difficult for traffic to pass freely and occasionally created problems.” 

According to him, the contractor was on track to complete the project on time. Additionally, Tahiru said that the current steel bridge’s nature was the reason for building the 160-meter bridge at Twifo Praso. He clarified that the bridge would only be utilized for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Because it was designed to be a strong, high-quality structure that would meet stringent safety requirements. He believed that it would also deliver a high caliber of service, thereby enhancing the socioeconomic conditions of the local populace. 

Furthermore, John Wang, the quantity surveyor for China Railway Number Five Engineering Ghana Limited, explained how the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the project. He did, however, say that the corporation believed the bridge would be finished by the end of December. Additionally, he said that the roads connecting the bridge would also be finished by March of the following year.