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The construction works of the Suanphlu office building in Bangkok, which were carried out by IDIN Architects have been completed. The building is located near the Lao Pueng Thao Kong shrine in the business sector of the Thai capital.

The primary elevation of the building faces west and is well-lit. Given its proximity to the temple, the Suanphlu office building was designed to serve as a beautiful backdrop and reduce sun reflections onto the shrine. The glazing on the facade is hidden by an aluminum cladding layer. As a result, it lowers the amount of sunlight that enters the structure.

According to IDIN Architects, the double-skin facade is intended to reduce reflection on the glass facade. In addition, it will promote wind movement, and provide ventilation for the building.

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The location of the various types of cladding panels was also impacted by the demand for high comfort levels and views of the outside from inside the structure. Some locations leave the window apertures visible. However, other locations use perforated or opaque metal screens to cover the glass. To reduce reflections onto other structures, the cladding is divided into vertical portions that are each independently inclined.

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The diagonal slashes in the design “visually partition the facade into panels throughout the building. Thus, it produces movements while adding vitality,” according to IDIN Architects. The titanium semi-gloss coating on the metal surfaces creates varying patterns of light and shadow throughout the day. In the front, the Suanphlu office building in Bangkok also includes a few pocket courtyards by repositioning portions of it.

The planted voids cover the entire height of the building. This reduces the overall area of reflected surfaces. Additionally, it gives the outside more variation and a more natural feel. Every floor has a different planting location, giving the office’s interior a variety of perspectives. Furthermore, the full-height apertures or rows of windows offer a view of the neighborhood beyond through the foliage.

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