World’s first purpose-build maritime center 80% completed, Dubai

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The world’s first purpose-build maritime center, the Dubai Maritime City has completed 80% of the infrastructure works within Phase 1 of the residential and commercial development. The milestone entails the construction of the US$38.1m road and infrastructure works of the development’s first phase. The site is well underway to becoming a major hub for maritime services, cementing Dubai’s position as a leading global maritime center. Through a period of 11 months, construction works in Phase 1 have seen a total of 4,830 man-days and 857,194 safe man-hours being recorded.

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Approximately 95% of the construction of the 6-kilometer pressurized irrigation line, the 6-kilometer gravity sewer network, and the 4-kilometer stormwater network is complete. Apart from this, 3.5-kilometer of the 7-kilometer road works have also been completed. As much as 50% of the construction of the 300l/s sewer station with a capacity of 360 cubic meters and the 420 l/s stormwater station with a capacity of 230 cubic meters has been accomplished, while 60% of the fire and irrigation pump station building that combines 460 cubic meter fire tanks and 1240 cubic meter irrigation tanks has also been completed. Currently, more than 90% of all underground utilities including sewerage and stormwater, water, fire, irrigation, and telecom networks have been accomplished. Other works like civil and structural works for the stormwater, sewage, irrigation, and fire stations that will ensure the overall development of Dubai Maritime City are also nearing completion in preparation for fit-out.

Managing director of DP World, UAE, Mohammed Al Muallem, commented that “Despite the disruptions in the global industry, we take pride in the fact that the pandemic and the resulting restrictions on movement did not cause any significant delays in the project. The team worked tirelessly, ensuring all precautionary measures, including social distancing and regular comprehensive disinfection, were implemented. We are proud of the dedication and concerted efforts of the team that helped us achieve this milestone.”