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The world’s largest subway system, Shanghai Metro Line 19 has undergone feasibility studies that have been concluded for its expansion. Construction of Line 19, linking Minhang District in the south with Baoshan District in the north and passing through six Shanghai districts, is scheduled to take approximately six years before completion. With 32 underground stations, the line will provide a direct route for residents in Minhang and Baoshan to travel downtown, with planned stations at Shanghai International Studies University, Tilanqiao, Shangcheng Road, Houtan, and the Oriental Sports Center. It is one of nine Metro and urban railway lines planned for the period between 2018 and 2023, with a total investment of US$46 billion and 286 kilometers of overall length.

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All stations except the one on Line 15 in urban areas are expected to open before Spring Festival, with the last station scheduled to open by the end of June. Line 15 will run from Gucun Park in the north to Zizhu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in the south. The line will have 30 stations, serving Baoshan, Putuo, Changning, Xuhui, and Minhang districts. In total, the Shanghai Metro network will have 459 stations and 771 kilometers of rail lines. The 7,000th train was recently added to the Metro fleet, making it the largest subway fleet in the world.

Other routed planned that will be connected to the world’s largest subway system include the Metro Line 20 from Jinchang Road to Gongqing Forest Park; Metro Line 21 from Chuansha Road to Dongjin Road; Metro Line 23 from Minhang Development Zone to Shanghai Stadium; the west extension of Metro Line 13 from Jinyun Road to Shuguang Road; the west extension of Metro Line 1 from Xinzhuang to N. Xinzhuang; the Airport Line linking Hongqiao transport hub and Shanghai East Railway Station; the Jiading-Minhang Line from N. Jiading to N. Xinzhuang; and the Chongming Line from Jinji Road to Yuan Road.