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Yaound?-Abong-Mbang electricity transmission line construction 65% complete

Scheduled for completion in December this year, the construction of the 225Kv Yaoundé-Abong-Mbang electricity transmission line in Cameroon, which begun back in November 2019 is currently 65% complete.

This is on the basis of documents provided by Kalpa-Taru Power Transmission Ltd (KPTL) and the observation made in the field by the central African country’s Minister of Water and Energy (MINEE), Gaston Eloundou Essomba during his recent visit to the projects site.

KPTL, one of the largest players firmly entrenched in the global power transmission and infrastructure EPC space, is the company carrying out the Yaoundé-Abong-Mbang electricity transmission line construction project which should connect the Eastern region of Cameroon to the South interconnected network.

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In detail, the construction of the firewall at the Mampang transformer station (225/90kV) is fully completed, the transformer bench installed, as well as the foundation blocks to accommodate the electromechanical equipment. 160 out of 243 pylons have also been installed and a little over 10 kilometers out of approximately 71 kilometers unrolled.

Government to pre-finance cost of connection for households targeted by this project

In addition to allowing the 6000 households targeted by the Yaoundé-Abong-Mbang electricity transmission line construction project to have access to electricity, special provisions to facilitate connection conditions have been announced.

According to Gaston Eloundou Essomba, taking into account the high costs of connections which sometimes can cost up to US$ 186 “the government of the Central African Republic will pre-finance the costs of the connections for households, which will refund the costs within five or six years. The repayment will take the form of monthly payments of US$ 3 added to their electricity bills,”


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