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Yaound?-Douala highway phase 1 construction in Cameroon 98% complete

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The Dubai World Islands Project

The ongoing construction works of the first phase of Yaoundé-Douala highway in Cameroon have been reported to be 98 percent complete following an assessment and evaluation of the site by Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi the West African country’s Minister of Public Works.

According to Hermi Tarek, the Head of the Scet Tunisia / Louis Berger Control Mission in charge of monitoring this work at this stage, only the completion of the wearing course on the last ten kilometers of the phase remains and considering the current rate of implementation of the wearing course i.e. one kilometer per day for a platform width of 11 meters each, the wearing course should be complete within ten to fifteen days.

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“Also the construction of the pavement layer, the sewerage networks, the safety system, and the bridge structure on the Manyai River is also underway. Generally, we hope to open the highway and offer it to the people of Cameroon before the end of December this year (2021).

A recap of the Yaoundé-Douala highway project

The Yaoundé-Douala highway project entails the construction of 196 kilometers of road. It is divided into two phases, the first of which concerns the Yaoundé-Bibodi section over a 60 km stretch, with 25 km of connecting roads to National Road No. 3.

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Phase 2 covers the Bibodi-Douala route over a length of 136 km and it is currently at the tendering process, particularly, the review of restricted tender documents by the Ministry of Public Works. The tender process was launched on December 22, 2020.

Ultimately, the Yaoundé-Douala highway project aims to build a 2 × 2 lane type infrastructure extending to 2 × 3 lanes on a platform 33.5 meters wide with emergency lanes of 3 meters each.


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