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Zambia signs US $825m railway lines upgrade contract

The Ministry of Transport and Communication Zambia has signed a US $825m contract with China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation a subsidiary of China Railway Construction Corporation Limited that will see the modified engineering, rehabilitation and upgrade of existing Railway lines in the country.

These include the mainline from Livingstone to Kafue Bridge which is 420.97km long, the branch line from Masuku to Choma which is 64.34km long and another branch line from Livingstone to Mulobezi which is 162.95km long. According to the Zambian government, the project will cover nearly 650km of railway lines and will be completed in eight years.

Railways in Zambia

The main railway spine through the country today is the Zambia Railways line from Livingstone, via Lusaka, to Kitwe in the north, used by passenger and freight trains. At Kapiri Mposhi there is a junction with Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) that is used by freight trains but not passenger. TAZARA has its own passenger trains, but the passenger stations of the two railways at Kapiri Mposhi are separated by a distance of around 2km. Livingstone is also the junction with the Mulobezi line, and with the line from Zimbabwe via the Victoria Falls Bridge.

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About The China Railway Construction Corporation Limited

The China Railway Construction Corporation Limited is a China-based construction company with headquarters in Beijing. The state-owned corporation was ranked first in 2014 as the largest construction and engineering company in the world by revenue. On the other side, Zambia had last month announced plans to cut foreign debt, therefore, borrowing to fund the project could raise questions about the measures taken by the country which is currently battling a struggling economy.

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