Chimanimani roads repair in Zimbabwe almost complete

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Reconstruction works on the Chimanimani roads in Zimbabwe that were severely damaged by Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani District early last year nears are almost complete. Chimanimani and Chipinge were the most affected districts by the tropical storm in eastern Zimbabwe, which destroyed infrastructure worth millions of dollars and left thousands dead in Mozambique and Malawi.

Damaged road sections

Last year, the government contracted companies to rebuild some roads affected by Cyclone Idai and a recent visit revealed that the contractors have made significant progress on set targets. The scope of works were so complicated given that some of the damaged road sections had become inaccessible, making deployment of construction equipment extremely difficult.

Manicaland Province chief engineer Mr Atherton Zindoga, said the government was satisfied with the progress and contractors were on course to meet the targets. He said the quality of work delivered by one of the contractors, Masimba Holdings was satisfactory. “Masimba is one of the top contractors in Zimbabwe and we are happy with the quality of work they are doing,” said Mr Zindoga.

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High quality standards

“Our inspections confirm that the work being done by Masimba conforms to stipulated standards. We are confident that all road sections being worked on by the company will be completed on schedule; that is in the next three months,” added Mr. Zindoga.

Chimanimani District boosts of economic activities such as tourism, timber, fruits, coffee and tea and the completion of the rehabilitation projects is expected to reduce the cost of doing business. Masimba Chief Executive Mr Canada Malunga said the company was contracted to work on 10 of the worst affected sections of the road and was happy with the progress.

“Our commitment is to deliver quality work on all our construction projects. We had about 10 sections to work on and we have fought to tackle all the sections in one goal, for the purpose of meeting targets set. We are only left with basic work; major works have already been done and we are confident in the quality delivered,” he added.

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