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Phase2 Tanganda-Ngundu Highway in Zimbabwe to commence

Rehabilitation of the second phase of Tanganda-Ngundu Highway has commenced and is set to be complete by the end of April. This comes after the government released the needed US $10m for the phase.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Head for Manicaland, Mr. Atherton Zindoga confirmed the reports and said the project would be complete in three months. Bitumen World, the contracted company has begun the resurfacing work.

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Tanganda-Ngundu Highway

The second phase of Tanganda-Ngundu Highway covers a 54km stretch running from Rupisi Hot Spring to Checheche growth point. The project comes after a successful refurbishment of phase one of the highway that covered a 30km stretch in last year.

Local residents believe the project is a strategic national asset that helps in the ease of doing business. The project links Port of Beira in Mozambique to the southern Zimbabwe and South Africa while internally linking the two provinces of Manicaland and Masvingo.

The rehabilitation of the road will greatly contribute to economic recovery and growth and social development of Chipinge while ensuring the safety of the travelling public.The road refurbishment will also create employment to the locals.

Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Program

The government funded project falls under the government’s plan of reconstructing roads under the Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Program (ERRP).  ERRP is targeting to revamp 20km per road every year until completion at an estimated cost of US $542km.

Phase one of ERRP prioritized on the preservation of the road infrastructure from further deterioration while it ensured safe passage for travelers.Phase two that is currently ongoing focuses on major rehabilitation works, reconstruction of damaged bridges, including preventive periodic maintenance works and rehabilitation of failed sections of the road network.

The government of Zimbabwe had earlier set aside US $345m for construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges in the country. Targeted roads include Manicaland and Nyamangura Bridge, Nyanga-Ruwangwe, Odzi-Marange-Zviripiriand Murambinda-Birchenough.


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