Rehabilitation of North-South Corridor Road in Zimbabwe begins

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Rehabilitation work on North-South Corridor Road in Zimbabwe has commenced. President Mnangagwa officially launched the project. The project is part the Government’s thrust to develop robust and modern infrastructure which will see at least five major road projects being supported every year in each province.

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North-South Corridor Road

The North-South Corridor Road project is defined as a multi-modal trans-continental inter connector, ultimately connecting Cape Town in the south and Cairo in the north. 1 041 km of road must be upgraded, with another 5 156 km due for upgraded in the next to five years.

The road project is being financed through a US $21m grant from Japan and will be implemented with the support of Japanese engineers and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development.

First batch of the road to undergo rehabilitation works will be 6,5km of a 21km stretch along Makuti-Chirundu Road linking the country to Sadc, Comesa and East African states.

According to the President, the stretch of the road to be reworked and widened had resulted in numerous road accidents and loss of life. The scope of works includes constructing a 70-metre wide road 35 metres on each side and climbing lanes which will ensure faster moving vehicles are able to pass heavy trucks. It will also see the construction of ancillary road structures such as safety barriers, road markings, increased curve radius for easier navigation.

The corridor will ensure easy border crossing for both people and goods and will increase the efficiency and capacity of the transport sector. This, in turn, will speed up regional integration and will increase regional trade, while leading to cost savings.

“The implementation of this project is indeed of strategic importance as it will enable the smooth and unimpeded flow of traffic, people and goods along the North-South Corridor,” said President Mnangagwa.


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