Rehabilitation of roads in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe begins

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The District Development Fund (DDF) in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe has started the rehabilitation of 2,400km of roads and repair of bridges after receiving US $546.2m from Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) and the government, through the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP). Zinara provided US $270.2m while US $276m came from the PSIP.

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Rehabilitation of roads in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe

According to DDF provincial coordinator Ms Molly Shonhiwa, the road work will be divided into three phases: road maintenance which will take US $11.4m, re-gravelling which will take a total of US $28.7m and reshaping. “Our budget is for the whole year. We have a base camp in each district and they are equipped with a grader and tractor for routine maintenance. The province has a motorised grader which we will be using on selected roads depending on the damage,” she said.

“Our projects in Mbire is Mariga road and we are going to build Causeway Bridge. We have a budget of US $28m in Mbire. We are going to complete Karanda Bridge in Mt Darwin and the 17km access road, which will cost US $170m. Karanda Bridge is almost complete with construction works at 98%. We are currently working on 81km of Guruve-Mushingahande Road. Karoi Bridge on this road is almost complete. In Muzarabani, we are working on Nzoubvunda Bridge,” she added.

She however said that other road maintenance work like wash-aways have not been budgeted for, but are important and will be attended to as DDF receives more funds.

DDF is also planning to use US $41.2m of the money for the rehabilitation of 121 boreholes and drilling 50 new ones.