Zimbabwe rehabilitates 80km of road in Harare

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Zimbabwe has rehabilitated 80km of roads in the city of Harare. Zvenyika Chawatama, Director of works said that the city roads required immediate attention in terms repairs and rehabilitation. The tarring cost was at US $20m.

According to Zvenyika Chawatama, an assessment carried in 2017 revealed the need for repairs and rehabilitation, given that most of the roads had deteriorated in terms of ‘trafficability’. In this regard, Harare City is targeting to rehabilitate at least 250km of roads.

However, some of the roads have been completed while others are still undergoing rehabilitation including but not limited to George Road, Waterfalls Avenue, Highglen road, Aspindale, Bishop Gaul, among others. Meanwhile, rehabilitation work has been done and some of the work is still on course on Harare Drive.

Michael Chideme, City of Harare Corporate Communications Manager,  stated that, the scale of city roads rehabilitation turned out to be much bigger than what the city used to do in the past.

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