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Zimbabwe resumes rehabilitation and resurfacing of heavily damaged roads

Zimbabwe’s City of Harare has resumed rehabilitation and resurfacing of the heavily potholed roads estimated to cost US $50m.

Harare roads were last year declared by the government a state of disaster after it had deemed them impassable as well as contributing to major accidents during the current heavy down pours.

Stalling progress

During a site visit to the ongoing roads resurfacing, HCC’s Director of Works, Engineer Isaiah Chawatama stated that, they were pleased with the progress made so far despite  some challenges which are stalling the progress.”

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According to Andre Zietsman, Bitumen World Managing Director, funding constraints are threatening the completion of the road rehabilitation program. He clarified that, funding has always been a challenge and that they hope the project will keep on so as to achieve the targeted goals.
Harare City Council has contracted Tencraft and other contractors to take up the challenge of resurfacing and reconstruction of the damaged roads, asphalt overlay, pothole patching and reclamation.
Unlike previously done resurfacing, the ongoing resurfacing will be properly done and the resurfaced roads will have a new look, this is an assurance from Councillor Herbert Gomba, the head of the Environment Committee.
Digging concerns
Engineer Chawatama also mentioned his concerns regarding the digging up of roads by either the City sewer reticulation services or fibre optic companies. Chawatama blames the contracted companies who normally, destroy roads and never replace them leading to heavy potholes.
Immediate reconstruction of roads is also being implemented in Sunningdale, along Harare Drive and Lorraine Drive in Westgate.

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