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Zliten city to witness US$540m rehabilitation

Residents of Zliten city are set to benefit from a massive infrastructural project aimed at rebuilding and restoring the infrastructural facilities destroyed during the 2011 Libyan civil war.

This is after gigantic Indian engineering company Punj Lloyd signed a half-billion dollar contract for large-scale infrastructure construction in Zliten with the Libyan government.

The infrastructure project which is essentially a make-over of the entire area of Zliten city is set to cost the government US$540m and is scheduled to end after four years.

The treaty will cover in excess of 2,400 hectares shall include the design and construction of the storm and sewer network, water network, telecommunication, power distribution and natural gas networks. Besides the corporation will also be constructing street lighting and the landscaping and green areas adjacent to the roadways.

This pact comes amid some confusion in government, with several Libyan Ministers lately leaving office under pressure and continuing strains between the central government in Libya and the country’s historical sections.

During the 2011 Libyan civil war, Zliten was contested between forces loyal to Gaddafi, and opposition fighters who were trying to seize the strategically located city to allow them to advance to the capital, Tripoli.

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