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Madinaty City Development is a US$ 10bn housing/integrated community project that is being developed on a 33.6 million square meters piece of land on the Cairo-Suez road, northeast of Cairo Governorate in Egypt.

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A 27.3 million square meters area of the Madinaty City Development project is devoted to residential areas that will include fully integrated villas and apartment buildings for a total of 120,000 units with the capacity to accommodate or rather provide a modern life for 600,000 inhabitants.

Ruling on Madinaty land postponed until January - Africa Cup of Nations 2019

In addition to the residential area, there is also an area of 6.3 million square meters set aside for the development of green areas, golf courses, hospitals, business centers, hotels, educational institutions, sports, and social clubs, household services, and entertainment facilities which meet the day-to-day needs of its inhabitants.

The Madinaty City Development will also have innovative and unique services on its fringes, which will cater to the needs of nearby towns and even to the needs of the inhabitants of Greater Cairo. These services will include water sports areas, shopping centers, and varied educational institutions.

The construction works on the project began back in July 2016, and it is being delivered in phases/compounds. Each compound is delivered alongside its own facilities such as supermarkets, a mosque, an outpatient clinic, and public parks for children to play in and families.

The compounds are connected by a network of roads to the highways outside Madinaty, in addition to two ring roads that link the phases together allowing residents free access to services in other sections of the city, and consequently providing them with a wider choice of services.

Project team

The project is being developed by the Talaat Mostafa Group.

The Master Planners are HHCP Design International, Inc. and

The landscape architects are the SWA group.