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Ocean Seven Development in Kikambala, Kilifi, Kenya

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Ocean Seven is a residential development located in Kikambala, Kilifi, on the beach-front along Kenya’s Coast, approximately 20 kilometers from the coastal city of Mombasa, an existing resort and business center that is being transformed into a high-density, luxury, residential, and retail mix-use development.

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Sitting on a 17-acre landscaped park, the Ocean Seven development comprises seven towers, two for commercial use with over 200,000 square feet of let-able space, and five for residential use with a total of 325 apartments.

The residential towers will upon completion be the tallest of their kind along the Eastern African coastline, mind you, all the way from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to Durban in South Africa, with a total of 25 storeys.

The Towers, according to the architect, are carefully arranged providing endless views of the ocean and natural cross-ventilation to every apartment unit, while allowing the sea breeze to penetrate the site. The modular design adopted for the project also provides structural and mechanical efficiency and enables the efficient circulation of both people and vehicles.

Moreover, a bold approach is being taken on sustainability (both environmental and economic) with water conservation through rain-water harvesting treating and recycling, energy efficiency through passive cooling and ventilation design systems, and climate-specific design through the use of solar-reflective and rust-resistant materials for the building fabric. This, the architect says, will bring the general running and maintenance costs of the development down considerably.

Project Team

Architect: Planning Systems Services limited



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