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The Pediatrics and Burns Center project includes a 9 storey building including 2 basement levels at Kenyatta National Hospital in Upper Hill, Nairobi. The US $26.9m Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that is expected to have specialised laboratories for tests and analysis.

According to Dr Thomas Mutie, acting Chief Executive Officer of The Kenyatta National Hospital, the Pediatrics and Burns Center will feature a burns unit, children’s wing, cancer hostel, and an intensive care unit (ICU).The burns unit and paediatrics wing will both be constructed with an 82-bed capacity, whilst the ICU will have a capacity for 24 beds.

Meeting international standards

Dr Thomas Mutie however noted that the hospital will still need to add a further 10 beds in the ICU soon so as to meet the international standard for a hospital of its magnitude.

“The current 31 ICU beds are not enough and when we add the 21 we will still need to add a further 10 to meet the international standard for a hospital of this magnitude,” said Dr. Mutie.

Funding of the mega project

Funding of the mega project will majorly be from Kenya’s government, the Arab Bank for Development in Africa (BADEA), and the Saudi Fund for Development. US $2m will be provided by the American Cancer Society and local donors, and will be used for the cancer hostel.

“Cancer patients require six cycles of treatment which can be completed in 10 days and that is why the hostel is important,” Mutie continued.

Being an hospital, the diagnostic lab is designed as a highly sensitive space for any hospital. Laboratories that stand up to harsh chemicals and biocides without compromising hygiene and health standards. Epoxy floor coating systems were recommended to help achieve the clean-room-like environment that patients and staff depend on.

Epoxy floor finishes were highly recommended because they offer resistance to puncturing and impact; ability to withstand high foot and cart traffic and mobile modular furniture and high comprehensive strength to support heavy machinery and equipment.

Kenyatta National Hospital

The Kenyatta National Hospital is the oldest hospital in Kenya. It is a public, tertiary, referral hospital for the Ministry of Health.

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Project team

Client: Kenyatta National Hospital

Consultant: Skare Associates Ltd

Quantity Surveyor: Aegis Development Solutions Ltd

Civil/Structural Engineer: Multiscope Consulting Engineers

Electrical/Mechanical Engineers: Feradon Associates Ltd

Main Contractor: Vaghjiyan Enterprises Ltd

Communication/Generator/Electrical systems installation: Master Power Systems Ltd

Plumbing/Air conditioning/ Kitchen Equipment Sub: Trident Plumbers Ltd