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True Bethel Commons affordable housing development begins in New York

Construction of a US$14.7 million True Bethel Commons affordable housing development has begun as announced by the newly appointed governor of New York, Kathy Hochul. The 39- unit apartment is to be brought up in Niagara Falls county and will be named True Bethel Commons. It will also contain eight units that will be fully equipped for people with physical disabilities. The units will all be affordable to households earning at or below 50 percent of the Area Median Income. grocery stores, The project will have 25 Project-Based Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers from the city of Niagara Falls. True Bethel Commons is close to health care facilities, municipal services, retail establishments, schools, pharmacies, a library, and public parks.

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The True Bethel Commons affordable housing  complex is listed on the Federal and State Register of Historic Places. The design must preserve the character of the buildings, including maintaining the transom windows and wide school corridors, as well as the stained-glass windows and extensive woodwork in the rectory and convent house, and restoring a large portion of the gymnasium and was designed to meet Enterprise Green Communities requirements. The building amenities include a community room with a kitchen area, playground, computer room, bulk storage for bikes and other larger objects, and laundry rooms in each building.

“Creative, thoughtful investment in New York’s past empowers New York’s future. The True Bethel school, where thousands of children learned to read and write and think, has a new purpose-affordable housing for New Yorkers who are working hard to get ahead and to give their families a good life. All New Yorkers deserve this chance and that’s why we pledge to continue to bring more and more affordable housing opportunities to communities across this great state,” Governor Hochul said. The New York affordable housing project is being developed by Belmont Housing Resources in collaboration with True Community Development Corporations.

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