Access control systems have to be up to date to add value

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Access control systems are secure – when they are up to date!

This is the first of several security-focused tips packaged and released as an ongoing campaign by leading global provider of access control and IT security solutions, dormakaba.

The company explains that security is essential for IT system solutions and how secure companies are depends on how up-to-date the solution and complete infrastructure are.

This is especially essential for access control and time recording systems. What does this mean for people who are responsible for security in companies? It is important to consistently deal with current and new risks, the company adds.

To help guide the market, dormakaba has initiated an ongoing security-centric market awareness campaign to ensure that businesses derive the maximum benefit from their access control systems.

Tips fall into- and speak to three specific categories: legal certainty, operational certainty and security certainty.

While the security manager and security consultants are the primary target of the campaign, the overriding objective is to empower all members of staff with information as to the reality of relying on outdated systems, specifically in terms of risk to the business.

Felix Hoellt, Deputy Vice President Product Management EAD Systems, says if businesses want to be on the safe side, make sure to always have the latest software release for dormakaba access solutions.

“Otherwise, there is the threat not only of vulnerabilities but also legal points of attack. If your software is up to date, security patches and the latest third-party software releases are supported, example ….for your operating system or database. If you use cloud solutions, data security must also be guaranteed in the cloud,” says Hoelt.

dormakaba reminds the market that the advent of COVID-19, along with data regulation and privacy legislation POPI and GDPR, has heightened the need for security systems – and emphasised the need for regular software and system updates.

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