Digitizing Informal Oil & Gas Industry in Africa

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Xenom Energy is a platform for easy access to petroleum products and is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Xenom aims to revolutionize oil industry business in Africa by creating a marketplace for unlimited access to petroleum products and services. By connecting independent fuel station owners to Oil Marketers through our tech-enabled and operations driven marketplace. Fixing inefficient supply chains for the independent station owners and providing a sales platform where Oil marketers can easily sell out their petroleum products.

Xenom’s platform tracks thousands real-time sales and orders between independent station owners and oil marketers. Access to products price trends and petroleum industry information to enable independent station owners get insights and strategies on restocking accordingly.

Leveraging historic purchasing data, Xenom evaluates independent station owners to provide them with access to credit and other financial services for restock or expansion financing. Xenom also offer branding facilities to independent station owners to aid in marketing for their station via their promotions.

Xenom higher efficiency has been demonstrated to improve sales volumes for Oil Marketers and eliminated the struggle of independent station owners were experiencing in restocking their stations. This has resulted to better margins which, in turn is expected to stimulate overall economic development in a tangible way.

Xenom Energy main mission is to improve returns from businesses and investments in the oil sectors in Africa. Through enabling independent station owners to order products at any time via SMS, our platform or mobile app, and receive timely delivery to their station. This makes it easier for independent station owners to source petroleum products and helps oil marketers ensure that their products are consistently available to consumers.

Currently it is operational in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Industry: Energy, Mobility, Fintech & Supply Chain Location: Kenya Company: Xenom Energy Website: http://xenomenergy.com/

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