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Renaat Demeulemeester has been appointed General Manager of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Roofing Products, a company located in Sant Celoni, north of Barcelona, specializing in the production of membranes for waterproofing roofs and coverings.

Demeulemeester, who has a long standing with the company, will start on January 1, 2021, becoming part of the company’s evolution, characterized by an ever greater focus on the European market. Internationally-experienced, Mr. Demeulemeester has a deep knowledge of products and technologies in the roofing world since he covered various roles within the sector over the years.

Since his start with the company Renaat Demeulemeester has grown his skill and experience steadily through successive assignments with RENOLIT. From his initial experiences as Logistics Manager, Production and Logistics Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager Roofing and Plant Manager with Solvay Alkor Draka to his latest position as President of American RENOLIT Corporation in La Porte, Indiana. Back in 2007 Renaat contributed to the promotion of the development of RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT, the cooling roof system that holds the highest SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) value on the market. This means that this membrane maximizes the sun rays reflection, and is effective in reducing the excessive heating of flat roof buildings during the summer and, consequently, the electrical loads due to air conditioning. An effective solution against the “heat island” effect, flagship product beside the RENOLIT ALKORSMART cool color roof.

Renaat Demeulemeester will be in charge of further expanding, through a realistic and ambitious development plan, the European leadership, especially in countries with great growth margins, by exploiting his knowledge in the roofing market in terms of services, logistics and products with a high added value.

About RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products

Acquired in 2006 and part of the German RENOLIT Group, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products is the benchmark for the manufacture of durable, versatile and certified high-quality synthetic membranes for waterproofing roofs and coverings, for swimming pools and civil engineering. With its site in Sant Celoni, north of Barcelona, the market unit has about 350 employees, an annual production of one million membrane rolls and a turnover that will reach 130 million Euro this year, 45% of which is represented by the roofing division.

Reliability, impeccable aesthetics, energy savings, sustainability, ease of installation and high durability are the strengths of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN waterproof membranes. The wide range of products, the flexible approach focused on customer needs, strong know-how and all round on-site technical assistance, characterise the approach and work of the roofing division, with the aim of providing satisfactory coverage solutions for every specific issue.

About the Company

The RENOLIT Group is a multinational company specialising in membranes, films and other high quality plastic products. With more than 30 locations in 20 countries and sales of EUR 1,059 billion in fiscal year 2019, the company with headquarters in Worms (Germany) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic materials. More than 4,800 employees contribute every day to developing and growing the know-how gained in over 70 years of business.