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Rebuilding Liberia will depend on the empowerment of construction companies in Liberia

The president of the Liberia Renaissance Construction Company (LRCC) has observed that rebuilding Liberia will depend on the empowerment of  construction companies in Liberia.

Mr. G. Delino Bryant also pointed out that Liberia’s post-war reconstruction and development strategy will be based on the effective training of Liberian constructors and engineers both at home and abroad.

He added that LRCC has formed a public-private partnership with the Ministry of Public Works to enhance the maintenance of roads in the country.

He indicated that the lack of drainage on roads makes it difficult to ensure the durability of most roads because they are destroyed ahead of their estimated lifespan.

He said it is time to empower engineers and construction companies in Liberia to develop a construction engineering industry in Liberia, noting that foreign companies will not always be available to build roads in Liberia.

Bryant said the private sector is the key to developing a middle income nation, noting that if government creates the enabling environment for Liberian firms, Vision 2030 will be realized before that time, adding that the private sector will create more employment than the public sector.

Renaissance Construction Company was established in 1988 and has turned the idea of a dream home into a reality for more than 400 customers on the Outer Banks. They design our their homes to meet the lifestyles and needs of our many customers.

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