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Why you need good plumbing

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Fresh water is one our most important resources. When our water is polluted it not only affects our environment but also our health. Good plumbing is essential for all households to ensure the population remains healthy. Everyone needs fresh water to drink, brought by a good plumbing system into the home. We also need a way to dispose of waste without compromising the quality of our water.

Plumbing as we know it today was invented by the Romans around 2,000 years ago.

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The Romans identified that waste water was unpleasant and potentially dangerous; the focus at that time was on building sewer systems and public toilets. This was followed about 100 years later with a new focus on delivering fresh, clean water to households.

Over time there is no doubt that plumbing has evolved, becoming healthier and also more complex.

The World: Today
While the population of the world has grown substantially since Roman times, from 210m, just 3% of today’s population, to 7 billion, the supply of fresh drinkable water has remained the same at 0.08% of all water on earth.

There is clearly a need for better and more efficient plumbing. Why? Because bad plumbing leads to water borne diseases resulting in 1.5 million deaths a year.

The Impact of Bad Plumbing
Overlooking the importance of good plumbing within the household can have an impact on day to day life. For instance, loss of earnings due to taking days off work to have leaks repaired or sickness due to contaminated water.

Other factors that have an impact financially include plumbing maintenance and the cost of medical treatment and medicines, potentially up to 10% of household incomes in developing countries.

Additionally, bad plumbing has an impact at macro level. Loss of productivity due to illness results in a loss of taxation, meaning less government revenue available to spend on healthcare, education and other public services.

The Solution
Often homeowners overlook the importance of purchasing a high quality plumbing system, commonly put off by the initial cost. FlowPlumb™, a UK supplier of plumbing to sub-Saharan countries, supplies products that are designed to the highest British and European standards whilst offering value for money.

A complete range consisting of fresh water hot and cold plumbing systems, plus rainwater, waste, soil and underground drainage solutions is supplied through their distributor network, manufactured by UK companies with over 60 years of experience.

FlowPlumb™ are committed to the environment as their products are 100% recyclable plastic. They support and encourage low and zero carbon construction and manufacturers operate within an Environmental Management System.

Rapid future growth is expected from their Plumbing division and opportunities are currently being explored to manufacture in Africa in conjunction with Manufacturing and Distribution partners.
You can access further information at www.flowplumb.com


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