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Prices of deformed bars D8 D10 D12 D16 D20 D32 in Kenya are critical to the cost of a construction project. The bars are used with concrete in civil engineering structures to create structures that are concrete reinforced like beams, columns and slabs. Getting the best prices for this important construction material will have an overall impact on the cost of a construction project.

In 2017, Kenya followed the likes of Uganda, banning the use of twisted bars for concrete reinforcement in construction. This was attributed to new engineering findings that had triggered reservations over the structural properties of twisted bars that make them not the best candidates for concrete reinforcement. Instead, just like many other countries in the region; Kenya resolved that only ribbed steel bars shall be manufactured and offered for sale in the country.

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What is a ribbed steel bar

D8 D10 D12 D16 in Kenya

A ribbed steel bar is a type of deformed, high-strength steel that is manufactured by controlled cold twisting of the hot rolled bar. This bar has projections on its surface known as ribs hence the name Ribbed Steel Bar. They vary in size, ranging from 8 mm to 40 mm wide. These bars possess certain characteristics that make them preferable to twisted bars in concrete reinforcement.

High-yield ribbed bars have a minimum guaranteed yield stress of 420n/mm2, tensile strength of 500n/mm2 and a percentage elongation of 10%. Accordingly, 420n/mm2 is generally used in design as the characteristic value for the yield strength of high-yield ribbed bars.

Prices of D8 D10 D12 D16 in Kenya 

Structural properties are not the only reason ribbed bars in Kenya were preferred to twisted bars; cost saving was another factor. Apart from being able to bend through 180 degrees without a crack or fracture of any form, their structural properties make it possible for them to be welded by electric flashes such as arc welding and butt welding.

These bars boast excellent bonding properties than ordinary twisted bars hence the end hooks are unnecessary. Therefore, their use cuts the cost of reinforcement up to 30 to 40% hence they are very economical.

A survey of various hardware stores in Nairobi shows that despite the availability of different brands in the market including Apex, Doshi, Tononoka, Accurate etc., the prices of reinforcement steel bars are entirely based on a willing buyer seller on the different sizes of the rebars. The different sizes are denoted as D8, D10, D12 and D16 (D standing for diameter).

D8 prices range from 450-500 Kenya shillings, D10 650-700 Kenya shillings, D12 900-950 Kenya shillings while D16 1600-1650 Kenya shillings; all 40 feet long, with Apex being the most popular brand.

reinforcement bars in kenya

Current Prices D8 D10 D12 D16 in Kenya

Size Price per piece (Ksh)
D8 630
D10 930
D12 1360
D16 2500
D20 2800
SD25 6500
D32 11000

Top suppliers of deformed bars  in Kenya

Knowing who are the top steel bar suppliers in Kenya is crucial when you are looking for quality steel for your construction project. The perennial reports of buildings collapsing while under construction have put greater emphasis on the need for the use of quality materials.

We take a look at the top steel suppliers in Kenya

1. Tononoka Rolling Mills

Tononoka Rolling Mills (TRM) is one of the top steel bar suppliers in Kenya a company that was incorporated in 2005 and is located in Embakasi. TRM produces TMT rebars and twisted rebars. In construction, the rebars need to be pre-cut and bent as per the engineer’s specifications and drawings in order to avoid complications and additional workload on site. Tononoka Rolling Mills Ltd can cut and supply special length bars as per the customer’s requirements with a cutting tolerance of ± 50mm.

2. Apex Steel

Apex Steel produces TMX bars. These differ from the TMT bars principally from the manufacturing process that either one undergoes. TMX Steel bars are produced using THERMEX, a German Technology whereas the TMT Steel bars are formed using TEMPCORE, a Belgium Technology. TMX bars are said to be of higher quality than TMT bars.

3. Doshi

Doshi is a leading supplier of deformed bars in Kenya. The deformed bars come in various sizes and in standard lengths of 12 meters.

4. Accurate Steel

Accurate Steel produces TMT bars ranging from 8mm to 32mm with special sizes available on order. They also have a range of other steel products used in the construction industry

5. Devki Steel

Devki Steel has been producing various steel products for over 20 years. They also produce the regulated TMT rebars that are a requirement for the construction industry in Kenya. The company has steel mills in Mombasa, Ruiru and Athi Rivers.

Top Steel Reinforcement Suppliers in Kenya

Supplier Main office location Contact
Tononoka Rolling Mills Embakasi +(254) 721 470 960
DEvki Steel


Ruiru Town +254756020125
Accurate Steel


Falcon Road, Off Enterprise Road +254 (020) 8099929


Mombasa Road +254 703 030000
Apex Steel FUNZI ROAD, OFF ENTERPRISES +254 780 505 020


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  5. D8 – Ksh 530
    D10- Ksh 760
    D12- Ksh 1100
    D16-Ksh 1950
    D20- Ksh 2800
    D25-Ksh 4600
    D32-Ksh 7660
    Are these prices per Kg or per 12m long bar(one piece)?

  6. Require the following D metal bars
    D16 28pcs
    D12 43 pcs
    D10 265 pcs
    D8 97 pcs
    What are current prices

  7. D16 _ 1870
    D12 _ 1050
    D10 _ 740
    D8 _ 540

    Cement (32.5%) _ 580

    we deliver bukt orders within Nairobi at a negotiated fee
    please contact us on 0792 374554
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  10. Deformed Bars
    D8 – 530
    D10- 760
    D12- 1100
    D20- 2800
    For The best Quality steel available in the Market ,
    Come to Apex steel
    Email:[email protected]

  11. I would like to invest in hardware business at Malindi and I want to get things wright away from factory.Shall you still offer transport

  12. D8-495
    Hoop Iron
    Binding wire also available
    We also sell tubes,ZEDS,Pipes,Barbed Wire and Chain link.
    Call/Text/WhatsApp 0768819304 to order

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    D12- 60pcs
    D8- 80pcs
    Cement- 100pcs
    Biding – 1roll 10kg
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    Wiring pipes- 1bundle

  15. Reliable supplier of :
    D8- Kes 465
    D10-Kes 665
    D12- Kes 960
    D16- Kes 1700

    Call 0798 54 3030 to make your order and inquirie

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